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Why Choose Us?

Our services not only save you money when compared to your existing service, they also provide you with the very best in waste collection and customer service. Max Recycle are now the largest private collector of trade waste in North East England, North West England, Southern Scotland & South Lakes.

Our reliable & compliant trade waste collection services are not only tailored to your collection needs, such as being flexible, convenient & regular, but also provide a cost effective service, saving you money compared to your existing waste collections.

Our local team are here to help you dispose of your waste with a hassle free friendly service. We offer a wide range of waste disposal and management services for the collection of: Plastic Bags, 240L, 360L, 660L & 1100L Wheeled Bins, FELs, RO-RO, Skips & DMR.

Max Recycle benefits:

  • Save money on your existing service
  • Local to you and your business
  • Reliable & regular waste collections
  • Legally compliant waste disposal
  • Trained & experienced staff
  • Rapidly developing business
  • Locations throughout North East & West England, Southern Scotland, Blackpool & South Lakes
  • Personal service
  • Proven, low failure management system
  • Modern, reliable vehicle fleet
  • Comprehensive range of wheelie bin sizes
  • Glass & paper recycling services
  • Experience with a wide range of customers from small enterprises to “blue chip” clients

If you would like to save money & dispose of your waste responsibly, contact a member of our team today!

T: 0845 026 0026
F: 0845 026 0025
E: recyclenow@maxrecycle.com
W: www.maxrecycle.com

Save money on waste collection & recycling... Contact a member of our team today!

Reliable & Compliant, Trade Waste Disposal & Recycling Services