RO-RO Container Hire

Our RO-RO container hire provides the maximum size container for waste disposal

As well as our wide range of wheeled bins, skips & FEL (Front End Loader) container hire, our RO-RO (Roll-on Roll-off) Containers are designed to suit your larger waste disposal needs.

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RO-RO Containers

Roll-on Roll-off containers are the perfect choice for the disposal of bulky and dry waste materials, such as demolition, refurbishment/builders waste or other difficult to handle materials. Available in two large capacity sizes.

Sizes: Available in sizes from 18 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards.

Suitable for:
Heavy/bulky Materials, General Waste, Inert Waste Construction Materials, Inert Debris from Demolition and Dry Non-hazardous Wastes.

Not suitable for hazardous waste.

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