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The legal waste requirements of Scotland…

I am sure by now, that you are aware of the new legislative changes that require a significant alteration to the way in which all commercial waste and recyclables are disposed of, from January 2014.

Please review these pre-prepared question and answers regarding the change in practices that Max Recycle will be adopting, in order to ensure that you comply with the forthcoming Zero Waste Scotland Obligations. I am confident that after a short period of integration in adopting these Scottish Parliament led alterations, the changes will soon become normal practice and we look forward to continuing to work with you to achieve these aims.

Please do be mindful of the fact that the obligations of Zero Waste Scotland are only applicable to premises in Scotland and not in England. As such for example they do not apply in Berwick, but do apply in Coldstream. However, failure to comply with the requirements of the legislation will lead to Enforcement Action being taken by the relevant Scottish Enforcement bodies.

As a reliable Trade Waste Management provider, it is our aim to ensure your business Complies. We hope this is helpful to you, if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

what is zero waste scotland & how does it affect my business waste?

New regulations to help Scotland become one of the most resource efficient nations in Europe have been passed by the Scottish Parliament.

The regulations aim to ensure that the minimum level of service on offer to households and businesses across Scotland is better than that of today and signal the end of landfilling biodegradable municipal waste in Scotland.

A phased approach to rolling out the key measures in the regulations has been adopted to ensure that there is sufficient time for businesses, particularly small businesses, to adopt new recycling services.

The Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 were passed by the Scottish Parliament on 9 May 2012. The regulations make the following provisions:

  • Businesses to present metal, plastic, glass, paper and card for separate collection from 1 January 2014. (Please note mixed recyclable collections are permitted).
  • Food businesses (except in rural areas) which produce over 50 kg of food waste per week to present that food waste for separate collection from 1 January 2014.
  • Food businesses (except in rural areas) which produce over 5 kg of food waste per week to present that food waste for separate collection from 1 January 2016.
  • Waste contractors to provide collection and treatment services which deliver high quality recycling.A ban on any metal, plastic, glass, paper, card and food collected separately for recycling from going to incineration or landfill from 1 January 2014.”

what do I need to do to comply?

As one of our valued customers we are acting to ensure your continuing compliance with the forthcoming Scottish regulation changes.

Essentially, the regulations require you to think about your waste output so that waste can be redirected away from Landfills etc. and towards disposal methods which are considered to be more sustainable. In short think about what can be recycled and separate those recyclables from your general waste stream.

On our part, we will have to collect these different waste streams and maintain that separation throughout the entire waste management process to increase the recovery of materials and maximise landfill diversion.

how will my dry mixed recyclables be separated and collected?

All Scottish businesses must have a separate collection of recyclable waste as of January 2014. Therefore we will shortly be making necessary changes to your service provision, in order to keep you compliant with the changing legislation, without disruption to your business. There are broadly two types of waste producer and we have designed the lowest cost solution for each as follows:

Small Bin Customers
(120L, 240L and 360L 2 wheeled bin users)

We will be issuing clear bags to you in order for you to place mixed recyclables/packaging into. These Mixed Recyclables bags are for the disposal of Dry, Clean Mixed Packaging waste suitable for Recycling ONLY and MUST NOT be contaminated with Food Waste, Glass and Floor Sweepings etc.

The only bags that should be used for disposing of your Dry Mixed Recyclables (DMR) should be the Clear ones which we provide to you. No other bags, such as black bags or shopping bags should be used, or placed within the clear bags.

These clear bags containing Dry Mixed Recyclable Packaging only, should be placed next to your General Waste bin on your usual collection day.

Large Bin Customers
(660L, and 1100L 4 wheeled bin users)

For larger bin (4 Wheeled) customers, we will be changing your existing Large General Waste bin for use as a Loose Dry Mixed Recyclables only bin (No Food Waste or Black Bags) and in addition, issuing you with a smaller 360L container for general waste.

Please note: You must ensure contaminants such as Food Waste are not placed in the Large Mixed recycling bins, as they will contaminate the whole load and everyone else’s recyclables collected.

how many dry mixed recyclables bags will I need and what will be the additional service cost?

Small Bin Customers
(120L, 240L and 360L 2 wheeled bin users)

As it is a legal requirement of the Scottish Parliament for all businesses to have a separate collection of recyclable waste by the 1st of January 2014, and all businesses have an element of recyclable waste output, to ensure your compliance Max Recycle will issue an annual allocation of Dry Mixed Recycling Bags, on the following basis…

For each “small” (Bag/240L/360L) General Waste Bin/Bag Currently Serviced each week, we will issue you with:

1 x roll of 52 Dry Mixed Recycling Bags (i.e. 1 bag per Week)
at a cost of 0.56p/Bag ex VAT

Total Additional Annual Cost per current “small” general waste bin:
0.56p x 52 Bags = £29.12 ex VAT

Large Bin Customers
(660L, and 1100L 4 wheeled bin users)

For each “large” (660L/1100L) General Waste Bin Currently Serviced each week, we will:

Change your existing bin to a Dry Mixed Recycling Bin of the same size and supply in addition;

1 x 360L General Waste Bin (collected at the same time and on the same schedule as the recyclable bin) at a cost of £2.50/Collection

Total Additional Annual Cost per current “Large” general waste bin collected:

2.50p x 52 Collections = £130.00 ex VAT

Please note: That to implement this increased level of service provision and cost due to the unavoidable legislative change, which is out of our control, this notification of service level and associated costs will be added to your existing agreement for the supply of Waste Management and Recycling Services and form the basis of a weekly waste management and recycling charge.

I am a small bin customer; can I have a bin to keep the dry mixed recyclable bags in?

The supplied bags are an accepted form of containment for the waste stream, are the cheapest option, often easier to store/house, allow for the ready identification of contaminants and eliminate the need to use other secondary bags in waste generation areas.

However, if you feel that you would like to hire or purchase a bin to put the bags in then please contact us and we can arrange this for you.

what if I need more bags?

There is no restriction to the number of clear bags that can be used, if at any time you require more, simply contact us to order more. The minimum quantity is a roll of 52. The easiest way to order more bags is from our website.

what will be the frequency of my collections, will they be fortnightly?

Absolutely not, both Waste and Recyclables collections will occur weekly. Any uncontaminated clear Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) Bags and Bins will be collected alongside your General Waste Bin for collection.

We are having to invest heavily to introduce specialised 70%/30% split, two chambered trucks, along with bins and/or bags, in order to accommodate the new regulations, and the only way in which we can deliver weekly collections of both voluminous DMR and General Waste, is to ensure that all general waste bins are of a 360L size or below, to accommodate the 30% side of the truck, whereas DMR can be accommodated across the bin size range.

can I use my own bags?

Unfortunately not; only the clear bags we provide can be collected, as:

Other bags types usually (coloured or black) prevent us from identifying any contamination, which has the potential to spoil other clean recyclables already onboard.

Many bags, shopping carriers in particular, are often unwelcome at licensed recycling facilities.


what if there is contamination?

Contaminated Clear Bags:
In order to minimise contamination we would ask you to be very vigilant about what waste is placed into the bag. One of the reasons that we use clear bags is that both you and our collection staff can better identify any potential contamination within a bag and as a very last resort, exclude it from the recyclables collection if necessary by placing it in your existing general waste bin, thereby protecting the existing onboard load, maintaining the integrity of the recyclables and reducing the potential for load rejection at the recycling centre.

Contaminated Large Dry Mixed Recycling Bins:
Once again, In order to minimise contamination we would ask you to be very vigilant about what waste is placed into any bins, as bin contamination is harder to deal with retrospectively than that in clear recycling bags.

Should you identify any contaminants in the large Recyclables bin, we would ask that you remove them, to avoid us having to reluctantly reject the load for collection, without refund.

The law as it is to be introduced in Scotland is specifically aimed at collecting recyclable materials and as a consequence, it specifically requires both the waste producer (you) and the waste collector (us) to ensure the integrity of the recyclables collected is maintained, and prevent any contamination

do I need a separated glass collection?

If you are a glass waste producing business, such as bars, pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants, then you MUST HAVE and WILL NEED a separate glass collection service.

Many of our customers of this type already have such a collection, but if you are a bar, pub, club, hotel and/or restaurants and do not already have a glass collection service then please contact us as soon as possible to arrange one. Due to the weight of these bins and manual handling procedures, these glass collections are undertaken using 360L Bins.

what is the first step?

The first step is to sign and date the Zero Waste Scotland Compliance form* enclosed. This form will take you through the process of thinking about which of the services you will require. You will note that although we have partially completed the form for you, you must carefully look at your requirements for each service, before signing and returning it. If any changes are required, please amend where you think necessary in accordance with the guidance below. We will then use this information in order to amend your Annual Waste Transfer Note information.

Please remember, that failure to comply with the requirements of the Zero Waste Scotland legislation will lead to Enforcement Action being taken by the relevant Scottish Enforcement bodies.

Dry Mixed Recyclables & General Waste
As all waste producers are required to separate Recyclables and General Waste, we have put the provision in place to make our customers compliant with these two waste streams, as described.

Glass Collections
If you are a bar, pub, club, hotel and/or restaurants and do not already have a glass collection service then please amend the form accordingly to highlight that you need such a glass collection service. We will then contact you to make arrangements to provide 360L bin(s) for the service in line with your needs.

Food Collections
If you are a food waste producing business e.g. cafe, restaurant, hotel, catering provider, supermarket, butcher, bakers etc. who produces over 50Kg of food waste per week the regulations dictate that you must have a separate food waste collection service.

However, many rural exemptions do apply and as this is relevant to very few of our customers, the default position on the form is that your business does not require such a service.

How do I check if I am exempt through location in a Zero Waste Scotland defined Rural Area?

Firstly, you must meet the definition of a food waste generating business, producing in excess of 50Kg per week of food waste. If so, simply enter the postcode of your food production business address at:

This rural postcode search will instantly tell you if you are in rural postcode as defined by Zero Waste Scotland, or alternatively if you are not.

Ok, so I qualify as a food production business of over 50Kg per week and I am not in a Scottish rural postcode, what do I need to do?



We will then contact you to see what reasonable arrangements can be made in line with the needs of your business.

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