Bin Size Guide

Find the right bin size for your waste requirements. Our wheeled bins come in a range of sizes to suit your waste disposal needs.

Bin sizes for all types of commercial, business & trade waste

No matter what size of business or waste amount, our range of bins provide cost effective disposal for all types of waste and collection requirements. Our bins are manufactured to a high standard, with robust wheels and construction for a clean and secure way to dispose of your daily business, trade & commercial waste.

By choosing the right size of bin for your business, you can save money on disposal costs.

Here are our wheeled bin sizes:


Info: Our 240 litre wheeled bins are the standard size bin as used by many councils for household waste. These bins are ideal for small amounts of waste and for storage areas where a larger bin is unable to be stored.

Fits approx: 4+ rubbish bags.


Info: Our 360 litre wheeled bins are the right choice for small businesses producing small to medium amounts of waste on a daily basis, with storage for a larger bin.

Fits approx: 5+ rubbish bags.


Info: Our 660 litre wheeled bins provide a large amount of capacity for medium sized business with regular daily waste. Their size makes them perfect for disposing of your waste in the most cost effective way.

Fits approx: 10+ rubbish bags.


Info: Our 1100 litre wheeled bins are the largest of all sizes, providing medium to large businesses with enough waste capacity to dispose of business, trade & commercial waste of all sizes. They are ideal for manufacturers and higher waste producers.

Fits approx: 20+ rubbish bags.

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