Our Charges Explained

There’s more to our charges than you realise…

The general perception is that waste collection charges are high and that large profits are being made – this is not the case…

Max Recycle charges for waste disposal are made up of a number of fixed and ever rising prices which form the bulk and are out of our control.

Taxes = 60%
Costs & Charges = 36%
Profit = 3-4%

Total = 100%

Waste Cost Comparison
When comparing the charges for the collection and waste management of a typical 1100 Litre Wheeled Bin you can see from the comparisons below the charge is not expensive.

In cost terms, 1 off 1100 Litres of Waste is approximately equal to one of the following:

  • 5 cups of coffee in a shop coffee
  • 1 Steak Dinner
  • 3 Large Glasses of Wine in Restaurant (750ml)
  • 3 Bottles of Wine from a Supermarket (2.25 Litres)
  • 1 Large Premium Pizza
  • 5 Pints of Lager (2.5 Litres)
  • 1 High Tea 2 Cinema Tickets
  • 1 Months Broadband Supply
  • 6 Bottles of Coke (12 Litres)
  • 10 Litres of Diesel
  • 1 Official Concert Program
  • 2 Fish and Chip Suppers
  • 1 Bottle of Vodka (1 Litre)
  • 3 Magazines
  • 1 Bag of Dog Food (7.5 Kg)
  • 3 McDonald’s “Meals”

I am sure you will agree that the price charged for Reliable and legally Compliant professional service is not expensive in comparison – especially as we have to run a fleet of large trucks with staffed crews to collect and transfer your waste.

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