DMR Dry Mixed Recycling

DMR is the future in efficient waste disposal & recycling

Max Recycle provide a simple cost effective way for you to dispose of your recyclable & non-recyclable waste items using the Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) method of disposal.

The benefit to you is that instead of the segregating your own dry, recyclable waste into different bins, most of your waste goes into the one bin and we do the segregation for you! Any waste that’s not part of the DMR acceptable items list will be classed as ‘General Waste’ and will have it’s own unique bin.

Our DMR service provides you with significant benefits, being easy and efficient, helping minimise your landfill. It assists businesses with their recycling, improves their environmental credentials, and even saves money when compared to traditional collection services.

Take a look at our DMR list of items to see how much you could be sending to be recycled and how little would require landfill.

Acceptable DMR Items:

Cardboard & Boxes



Plastic Bottles

Plastic FIlms

Hard Plastics

Steel & Aluminium

Non-acceptable DMR Items:

Food Waste




Floor Sweepings

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