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Plastic… Don’t bin it, Max Recycle it

Plastic is dominating concerns around the world for its negative effects on our oceans and the environment around us.

Responsible recycling of your waste is now more important than ever and Max Recycle are here to help you not only recycle your business waste, but to help you do it cost effectively too.

That’s why all of our waste collection and recycling services are carried out reliably and in full compliance with UK law to ensure your waste is disposed of responsibly.

Did you know plastic can be recycled into almost anything these days, from clothing to trainers, furniture, carpet, insulation, sunglasses, and even kids toys! Who knows what your plastic could be made into and where it could end up in the world!

Using our DMR services (Dry Mixed Recycling) provides you with a simple way to recycle your business & commercial waste. By providing a dedicated wheeled bin for all your cardboard & boxes, paper, newspapers, plastic bottles, plastic films, hard plastics, and steel & aluminium cans, we take the stress out of recycling by segregating and recycling your waste for you.

This approach is simple, efficient, minimises landfill, assists you with recycling, and even improves your environmental credentials, saving you money long term.

If you want to recycle responsibly and save money, contact us for more information:

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E: recyclenow@maxrecycle.com
W: www.maxrecycle.com

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