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how will my dry mixed recyclables be
separated and collected?

All Scottish businesses must have a separate collection of recyclable waste as of January 2014. Therefore we will shortly be making necessary changes to your service provision, in order to keep you compliant with the changing legislation, without disruption to your business. There are broadly two types of waste producer and we have designed the lowest cost solution for each as follows:

Small Bin Customers
(120L, 240L and 360L 2 wheeled bin users)

We will be issuing clear bags to you in order for you to place mixed recyclables/packaging into. These Mixed Recyclables bags are for the disposal of Dry, Clean Mixed Packaging waste suitable for Recycling ONLY and MUST NOT be contaminated with Food Waste, Glass and Floor Sweepings etc.

The only bags that should be used for disposing of your Dry Mixed Recyclables (DMR) should be the Clear ones which we provide to you. No other bags, such as black bags or shopping bags should be used, or placed within the clear bags.

These clear bags containing Dry Mixed Recyclable Packaging only, should be placed next to your General Waste bin on your usual collection day.

Large Bin Customers
(660L, and 1100L 4 wheeled bin users)

For larger bin (4 Wheeled) customers, we will be changing your existing Large General Waste bin for use as a Loose Dry Mixed Recyclables only bin (No Food Waste or Black Bags) and in addition, issuing you with a smaller 360L container for general waste.

Please note: You must ensure contaminants such as Food Waste are not placed in the Large Mixed recycling bins, as they will contaminate the whole load and everyone else’s recyclables collected.

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