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how many dry mixed recyclables bags will I need and what will be the additional service cost?

Small Bin Customers
(120L, 240L and 360L 2 wheeled bin users)

As it is a legal requirement of the Scottish Parliament for all businesses to have a separate collection of recyclable waste by the 1st of January 2014, and all businesses have an element of recyclable waste output, to ensure your compliance Max Recycle will issue an annual allocation of Dry Mixed Recycling Bags, on the following basis...

For each “small” (Bag/240L/360L) General Waste Bin/Bag Currently Serviced each week, we will issue you with:

1 x roll of 52 Dry Mixed Recycling Bags (i.e. 1 bag per Week)
at a cost of 0.56p/Bag ex VAT

Total Additional Annual Cost per current “small” general waste bin:
0.56p x 52 Bags = £29.12 ex VAT

Large Bin Customers
(660L, and 1100L 4 wheeled bin users)

For each “large” (660L/1100L) General Waste Bin Currently Serviced each week, we will:

Change your existing bin to a Dry Mixed Recycling Bin of the same size and supply in addition;

1 x 360L General Waste Bin (collected at the same time and on the same schedule as the recyclable bin) at a cost of £2.50/Collection

Total Additional Annual Cost per current “Large” general waste bin collected:

2.50p x 52 Collections = £130.00 ex VAT

Please note: That to implement this increased level of service provision and cost due to the unavoidable legislative change, which is out of our control, this notification of service level and associated costs will be added to your existing agreement for the supply of Waste Management and Recycling Services and form the basis of a weekly waste management and recycling charge.


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