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Save money... AND have your waste disposed of in-line with UK law... look no further!

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Max Recycle pride themselves not only on providing an efficient and cost effective waste collection service, but also by doing so in full compliance with current UK waste regulations. A service you can truly rely on!

Business & Trade Waste Collection

Max Recycle care about the environment and how your waste is disposed of. That's why every trade, business & commercial waste collection is carried out in-line with current UK regulations. Many other waste collection companies fail to meet these regulations and dispose of your waste as cheaply as possible, ignoring UK law, to maximise their profits. This is something Max Recycle will never do, our commitment is to a better future for waste disposal in consideration of the environment.

If you’re shocked by how much other companies want to charge… Max Recycle can help to lower the cost! To find out more about the Max Recycle Commercial Waste Collection and how to save money on your commercial waste collections, call us on:

T: 0845 026 0026
F: 0845 026 0025
E: recyclenow@maxrecycle.com