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new waste regulations 2015

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From January 1st 2015, new UK waste regulations will require businesses by law to separate recyclable material from other waste.

This new European Commission law, enforced by the UK Environment Agency, aims to increase the quality of recycled material by reducing contamination which will it is hoped improve the environment, make better use of resources and help the economy across the UK.

The Problem is…
This affects not only household but also business waste - businesses throughout the UK must comply with this new law and there are potential penalties for non compliance and potential costs incurred if your trade/commercial waste is not handled correctly.

The Solution…
As a reliable Trade Waste Management provider, it is our aim at Max Recycle to ensure your business complies.

The Max Recycle-DMR Packaged Service will save trade waste producers money on every litre of waste collected from their business.

To Find out more about the New Waste Regulations 2015:

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