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new rules for recycling waste have come into force for scottish businesses

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The new Scottish Parliament led alterations for Waste (Scotland) Regulations require waste to be separated into paper, card, plastic, metals and glass for collection. Known as Zero Waste Scotland these regulations apply from 1 January 2014.

The new regulations, welcomed by environmentalists groups, places the burden of waste recycling on the already loaded down shoulders of the business and ultimately the trade waste management contractor they use to dispose of their waste. With a risk of a maximum fine of £10,000 for failing to comply with the new laws from 1 January 2014 – it is vital that businesses take action now!

With this in view and for the aid of their customers in Scotland, Max Recycle have adopted new waste collection procedures for Dry Mixed Recyclables (DMR), Glass and Food Waste. If you are an existing Max Recycle customer and work within their compliance guidelines for waste collection, then your waste collection will comply with the Zero Waste Scotland Obligations.

Max Recycle, as a Reliable and Compliant Trade Waste management Company, are confident that after a short period of integration in adopting these Scottish Parliament led alterations, the changes will soon become normal practice and they look forward to continuing to work with their existing and new Scottish customers to achieve these aims.

Not Compliant Yet?
If you need your Trade Waste Collections to comply with Zero Waste Scotland, Contact Max Recycle on:

T: 0845 026 0026
F: 0845 026 0025
E: recyclenow@maxrecycle.com