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maximise your recycling rates

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Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) provided by Max Recycle is an easy way to Maximise your Recycling Rates, reduce waste costs and divert your trade waste away from landfill.


Cardboard & Boxes, Paper, Newspapers, Plastic Bottles, Plastic Films, Hard Plastics, Steel & Aluminium Cans can all be disposed of in one recycling bin, your Max Recycle Green and Red DMR wheeled bin – its easy and efficient as well as saving you money.

Providing that the Dry Mixed Recycling waste is not contaminated by other waste materials such as waste food left in its packaging, it can be recycled and helps minimise landfill, assists businesses with their recycling, improves their green and environmental credentials and saves them money.

The Max Recycle-DMR Packaged Service will save trade waste producers money on every litre of waste collected from their business. How? The overall waste capacity is the same - an additional bin gives more room for DMR.

To find out more about how to Maximise your Recycling Rates with the max recycle DMR Packaged Service and how to save money on your trade waste collections, call us on:

T: 0845 026 0026
F: 0845 026 0025
E: recyclenow@maxrecycle.com